A Guide To Botox Treatments In Fort Myers Florida

You may be quite thrilled about Botox because it will be wonderful to say goodbye to wrinkles.  But before you undertake any treatment, we recommend reviewing our helpful guideline on the procedure.


Consult with experts.

Make sure you seek out treatment for your wrinkles from a facility you trust to be hygienic and prioritize your health above all else.
Make certain that Botox injections are only performed by a qualified dermatologist. There are beauty spas out there that do not feature a qualified dermatologist and are not held to the same standards as medical clinics.  When working with a qualified dermatologist, you can be assured that the procedure has been previously performed numerous times in a clean environment. The danger of infection is quite low in such a medical setting.

Before giving you the injection, a dermatologist will ask several questions pertaining to your medical history.  These inquiries are necessary, as like everything else we inject into our bodies, Botox does pose some risks for some people.

Women who are breastfeeding, attempting to get pregnant, or who are pregnant are not advised to use Botox.  Botox may have harmful consequences on pregnancy, and there is less information on how it may affect lactation.  Consequently, your dermatologist won't administer Botox to you while you're pregnant.


Botox injections are not recommended for people with certain neurological conditions.

If you have a condition like myasthenia gravis, Botox could seriously harm your health and will not be administered.  Additionally, Botox is not for you if you have previously experienced allergic reactions to the drug.

Botox is not a smart choice if you've experienced negative side effects from other botulinum toxin medications, such as Dysport or Xeomin.


Avoid certain products and medications prior to Botox treatment.

While rare, bruising is among the most frequent adverse effects of Botox. Botox injections are much more likely to result in bruising in the treated area if you take drugs that include blood thinners.  Several drugs are considered to be within this category.  These drugs include Coumadin, Aspirin, Motrin, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories.  For at least a week prior to your treatment, you should abstain from using any of these medications.


It is possible to ingest vitamins and other foods that include anticoagulants or blood thinners.

Red wine, cinnamon, fish oil, multivitamins, green tea, and ginger are typical anticoagulants and should be avoided at least a week prior to any treatment.  Your dermatologist may give you even more things to avoid during your consultation, so be sure to pay attention!


For optimal results, get Botox early and frequently.

On younger skin, Botox is more effective.  Although it won't necessarily work on deep wrinkles, fine lines and shallow dynamic wrinkles are simpler to treat and have longer-lasting effects.

Botox won't stop wrinkles from appearing, but if you receive treatment when your skin first begins to develop lines, it can help keep them at bay.  To keep the results you want, anticipate and schedule Botox treatments every four to six months.  Botox is not a magic trick, but it does last a long time and additional treatments are completely safe.


The information provided here is only a general guideline of Botox treatment and procedures and should not be taken as medical advice.  Always consult your physician for information on any medical treatment.

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